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    Master of the Command Line:

    Every lazy System Administrator I know is a master of the command line. Sometimes people are surprised to see the sysadmin so long on a "black screen"; This not only applies to Linux / BSD systems but also to DBAs, network administrators, etc. Although there is an application with graphical interface for a task, you will see the sysadmin launching a command line, In a program installation interface, for example, you will have to load the application, wait for it to load, search for the program, give it to "select "And then to" install ", in a console you write" migestor install myprogram "and voila, you know exactly what to do in each moment. There are two basic reasons why lazy sysadmins love a command line. On the one hand, things can be done more quickly on the command line (if you know how to do it, Of course). On the other hand, it makes him feel that he is the boss and not the machine. When you use the command line, you are in control of the system, you know exactly what you want to do and you know what you are going to get. When using a graphical user interface, you are at the mercy of the graphic workflow and do not have full control.

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